Michael Beasley Hits the Dagger Jumper against Denver

They don’t call him Supercool for nothing.

In a wire-to-wire contest with the Denver Nuggets that featured Miami recovering from a nine-point deficit to eventually take home a 97-94 win, and a 3-1 record on the West Coast road trip, the Heat were left in a difficult position up one with less than a minute to play.

With the ball in LeBron James’ hands, the Nuggets committed the same mistake they had made many times before when playing the Heat: Doubling on LeBron and leaving one of Miami’s many shooters open.

Unlike last year in Miami when it was Ray Allen hitting the big three or in Denver when it was Norris Cole, it was Michael Beasley this time around hitting the shot that put the game on ice.

James, once again, attracts a double-team and passes out to a wide-open Beasley at the top of the perimeter. Despite having not taken a three-pointer that night and having been quiet in the second half, Beasley rose up and knocked down the shot to give Miami a four-point lead.

The shot gave Beasley nine points on 4-of-6 shooting, while James’ assist gave him ten for the night on a night where he also scored 26 points.


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