Michael Beasley’s First Highlight Back with the Heat is Him Punching Himself in the Head

Michael Beasley made his Miami Heat re-debut in the third quarter’s of Thursday night’s 112-107 preseason victory over the Detroit Pistons.

In the nine minutes, 18 seconds he played, Beasley had a good showing, putting up nine points on 3-of-5 shooting to go along with two rebounds, one assist, one block, two fouls and a turnover.

The nine points came in a variety of ways, including a post-up score, a three-point play off a layup and three free throws. He attempted five free throws in the short time he was on the floor.

However, he wouldn’t be Michael Beasley if he didn’t do something worth covering your face.

Following a traveling call, Beasley dejectedly walked back to defense. It must have taken a few seconds to register, because Beasley had already walked at least 10 feet when he started punching himself in the head.

The punches don’t look that hard, but it still required medical attention from the Heat staff.

Never change, SuperCool.


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