NBA Releases Miami Heat’s Top 10 Plays of the 2012-13 Season

A magical 2012-13 campaign that featured the Miami Heat winning a franchise-record 66 games, pulling off a 27-game winning streak that ranks second all-time for consecutive wins, a league MVP for LeBron James and NBA championship has been culminated into one jarring video featuring the team’s top ten plays of the year.

Number one is painfully obvious, but the other nine provide great reminders as to what else ensued throughout the year.

Included is all three of LeBron James’ game-winners of the year rolled into one spot, as well as game winners from Chris Bosh and Ray Allen.

However, only one of Allen’s game-winners is included, neglecting the timely threes he made against San Antonio in the regular season and Cleveland.

The video doesn’t give a proper summary of just how devastating and lethal the Heat were, especially in the closing moments of games, but it’s a fine tribute to the theatrics performed by the back-to-back champions.


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