No Boston for Old Man: Ray Allen Decides to Join Miami Heat over Celtics

So, this is going to happen next year:

Via Mickey Arison through his Twitter account, Ray Allen, the all-time NBA leader in three-pointers made, will be playing for the Miami Heat in the 2012-’13 season.

There is no word on how much Allen has signed for. The deal on the table was the mini mid-level exception worth $3 million, and the Heat planned on signing him to a three-year deal. Boston was offering double the amount of money, a deal worth $12 million over two years.

Talk about payback. The Celtics haven’t caught a break against the Heat since the ‘Big Three’ joined up in the summer of 2010. Miami won in their semifinals series 4-1 in 2011 and most recently beat them in the conference finals 4-3. The Heat adding Ray Allen will only add fuel to the fire.

Through Adrian Wojnarowski:

“Privately, Ray Allen has insisted to people that he didn’t believe the city of Boston would be too hard on him for signing with Miami.”

Sorry, Ray. The good people of Boston are just looking for an excuse to publicly yell the N-word and you gave them a legitimate reason.

It’s tough to blame Ray on his decision. The Celtics became favorable of rookie shooting guard Avery Bradley and even started him over Allen near the end of the season. Recently, the Celtics agreed to a deal with former Dallas Mavericks sharpshooter Jason Terry, who just so happens to play the same exact position as Allen.

It’s tough to see Ray in that equation. If the Celtics are going to throw money at Jason Terry, they’re obviously going to play him. That would mean a decrease in Ray Allen’s minutes. Allen would end up sharing time with Bradley and Terry, due to the need for Rajon Rondo facilitation of the offense.

Also, this became a rumor via Wojnarowski:

“The deterioration of Ray Allen’s relationship with Rajon Rondo played a significant factor in his leaving for Miami, several sources tell Y!”

Not surprising. Rondo is the same player who once threw a water bottle through a video screen during a film session. Prior to Game 3 of their 2011 semifinals series, Rondo grew displeased with the criticism of an assistant coach and became so irate that he threw a water bottle through a video screen.

A true professional of the game like Allen may grow displeased with antics like that. Rondo getting into separate altercations with officials may also show the tip of an iceberg featuring  his immaturity and demeanor.

Ray Allen cited a few reasons why he chose to go with the Heat. Through a source close to Ray via Wojnarowski’s Twitter:

“Ray’s thinking about another ring, golf, sun as a way to end his career.”

While those are all legitimate reasons as to why Ray would come to Miami, the minutes he would end up receiving had to play a factor.

As I said before, Allen would be sharing time at a position that also features Avery Bradley and Jason Terry. Allen isn’t getting any younger; he’s 37-years-old and wants to utilize the final years of his career playing vital minutes. He wouldn’t get that with the Celtics, who would be giving time to two other players.

With the Heat, Allen is the first off the bench once Dwyane Wade or Mario Chalmers hits the bench. He’ll be playing a huge role and won’t end up fighting for minutes because he’s playing a position where there isn’t significant depth. The Heat’s main three-point threats are all small forward’s–Mike Miller, Shane Battier and James Jones.

Allen converted 2.3 three-pointers per on 45 percent shooting, a career-high, in 46 games last season.

Plus, he wants to win now. Allen is a smart player; he knows a good opportunity when he sees it. Boston is an old team that will eventually deteriorate and the Heat are the reigning NBA champions with the reigning NBA MVP. Ray knows that he’ll get significant minutes and play a significant role on a contending team.

It was a win-win situation for Ray. However, the fact that the Heat were giving him minutes ,and the opportunity to shoot 75 percent from beyond the arc, is what enticed the deadliest perimeter threat into signing with the Heat.

And forget all this nonsense about loyalty. The Celtics benched him last year and agreed to sign his replacement a few days prior. Ray Allen wants to win and he essentially guaranteed himself one by joining the Heat.


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