Chris Bosh Takes Part in Light Workout, Travels with Team; Return Likely Soon

We miss you, too, buddy.

But we might not be missing him for much longer.

Chris Bosh has continued to go through light workouts and rehabilitation with the Miami Heat training staff and participated in a shootaround with the team earlier today. He is traveling with the team to Boston, but it has already been announced he will not participate in games 3 or 4.

Bosh has been sidelined since May 13th after straining an abdominal muscle following a dunk. The Heat are 5-2 without him and are currently riding a five-game winning streak into game 3. He wasn’t present with the team during the semifinals, but has since returned to the bench in a suit.

Coach Erik Spoelstra’s latest cryptic quote on Bosh reads:

That’s way …It’s too early to tell.”

However, a possible return in game 5 has been rumored. Although, it may not need to occur even if the Heat do get to that point. Miami is currently up 2-0 in their series against the Boston Celtics by way of a 93-79 win in game 1 and a 115-111 win in game 2.

Game 2 put a damper on the belief that the Heat were going to steamroll through this series. What we forgot was how resilient and mentally tough a team like Boston truly is. When Rajon Rondo is hitting his jumper and the Celtics are using fundamentals and applying pressure on defense, they are still as much a championship contender as the other three teams left in the playoffs.

Even with the increased amount of minutes and their opponent’s revival in game 2, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have shown little fatigue.

James has recorded 66 points, 23 rebounds and ten assists in the first two games of the series, while Wade has chipped in a modest 45 points, nine rebounds and 11 assists. It’s tough to say fatigue is playing a part after witnessing the 30-year-old Wade dismantle the Celtics in overtime after over 40 minutes of action.

While adding Bosh will no doubt be a huge relief to James and Wade, as well as a way for him to get into a rhythm for the next possible series, it may not be all that necessary to rush him back.

The Heat haven’t exactly shown how weak they are in the middle. In fact, they’ve been the team that’s been controlling the paint and pounding the glass. Miami outrebounded Boston 48-33 in game 1 and tied at 42 apiece in game 2, although the Heat did carry a 13-8 advantage on the offensive glass.

Kevin Garnett made his presence felt on defense, but had an uncharacteristically poor game on offense. Garnett, who has been having an excellent postseason, scored only 18 points on 18 shots and grabbed only eight boards in 45 minutes. It seemed that the energy he put into his defense affected the lift of his jumpers.

Because Bosh isn’t out there, Garnett is allowed to use that energy on defense without too many consequences. He’s not reacting to pick-and-roll’s that utilize Joel Anthony, Udonis Haslem or Ronny Turiaf and it’s causing the ball to stick at the top of the perimeter. If the simplest plays can’t be run, it’s going to be tough to score against a defense as stingy as Boston’s.

However, Garnett’s defensive pressure won’t last throughout the series.The 35-year-old can play that excellent of defense for up to 40 minutes only so many times and it’ll be tough to believe he can keep it up for potentially five more games. With little help from the bench, Garnett’s only going to be relied on for defense game-by-game.

There’s no need to bring Bosh back in this series unless he’s at full health, where the Heat could then integrate him back into the offense. Although, this idea of Bosh possibly ruining the current chemistry is bogus. It’s ridiculous to think that the Heat would be worse with the best mid-range shooter and longest player on the team.

They need Bosh just so James and Wade can get some actual rest before the Finals. Fatigue has yet to play a factor, but you want your best players to be at full strength, especially when you consider the type of competition the Heat will have to face if they end up surviving another series without Bosh.

The Heat have one of the top training staff’s in the league–they’re so good that you haven’t even noticed Mike Miller has been dead for the past two years–and they’ll know when exactly Bosh is deemed to return.

Miami can survive this series without Bosh. It’s the NBA Finals where the Heat need their ‘Veboshiraptor’.


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